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How to Order Image Gallery Prints

or Images on Merchandise


There is one order form for all Inspired by Cooper & Elliott pieces; click the button below and fill out the appropriate sections for your order and submit.


For ordering prints from the Image Gallery collection or merchandise* with Image Gallery or custom piece images, the order form dropdown menus will allow you to select images, merchandise styles, sizes, and quantities.


If you are ordering a custom WDAP and would like to also order the image on merchandise, you may complete one order form for everything.


Review turn-a-round times here.


Unlike the custom WDAP orders which require a 30% deposit, full payment is due after receiving the invoice for prints from the Image Gallery or merchandise with Image Gallery images on them.


*Images from the Image Gallery can be ordered to print on the merchandise listed without having them produced as a print. Custom images must be purchased in print or portrait form in order to be printed on the merchandise listed (i.e. you cannot order a custom image to be printed only on the merchandise).

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