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Who are we?


Our company name is more than “just a name”, it states why it exists! But who are Cooper & Elliott? They are the two short and hairy males that changed my life…for the better.


Elliott – a sweet, 8 pound, extremely intelligent black and white Papillon, and also my first four-legged love (Read more about Elliott here); Cooper – an energetic, animated, personality overflowing, ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and my soul mate in canine form (Read more about Cooper here)…both of these boys have shown me what’s truly important in life:  being yourself, living in the moment , small wins are big wins and should make you just as happy, simply enjoying life to the fullest every single day and especially, loving unconditionally. But what does that have to do with inspiring art? Everything.


Some artists know practically from birth what they are, while others take longer to grow into their artist pants. In either case, all artists need to be inspired in order to spark creativity – it’s impossible to truly be free to create without motivation and reason behind it. Motivation stimulates creativity. I am one of the artists who knew from birth what I was. Where others see “a tree”, I see a sculpture, a story, a beautiful image that is being imprinted in my brain that may make an appearance in some form in future art work. I look at the world around me as one big canvas that is continuously being painted, an art installation that is never truly finished.


While I have a variety of inspirations for other art that I do (you can check out my sculptures, paintings, photography and more here), the love and the life that I have had because of Cooper and Elliott enables me to create these pet portraits. They are my inspiration. I see in other pet owners their love and devotion - dogs, cats, birds, hamsters…pets of all species are family - it makes me smile and I want to capture that feeling in an image that is as unique as the love and their pet. No two animals or relationships are the same, artwork is that way too.


Please feel free to check out the site and tell your friends about it. I hope to hear from you time and time again!











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