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Gift Certificates



Don’t know what artistic style to choose? Don’t have access to photos of their pet? Don’t worry! Order an Inspired by Cooper & Elliot gift certificate and let the recipient be part of the process.


You can tailor the certificate details as much or as little as you’d like: Specify the artistic style, size, framing option, and more, or you can select a denomination only that the recipient can use toward a style of their choosing.


Gift certificate denominations begin at $100 and you can choose any increment you wish above that!


Gift certificates can be:

  • e-mailed to you in PDF format to print out and give to the recipient

  • e-mailed directly to the recipient in PDF format with a special message from you

  • printed and postal mailed to you to give to the recipient

  • printed and postal mailed to the recipient with a special message from you


(Note: an addditional fee applies to gift certificates printed and postal mailed from Inspired by Cooper & Elliott)




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