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People: Boy & his Service Dog

This special piece is of 7-year old service dog Sofia and her charge, 13-year old Shawn. The client wanted this portrait as a meaningful gift for Shawn. Sofia was the pioneering dog that started a service dog organization that connects these special dogs with their special human. She was their first service dog purchased, trained, and placed.


Heartbreakingly, Sofia contracted Lyme disease and had to journey to the Rainbow Bridge. Needless to say Shawn was devastated. He had been sleeping on her dog bed since she passed, so it was important for me to capture the special bond between these two to hopefully give Shawn some comfort through it.


When it was presented to Shawn and his family, he sat quietly and stared at the painting. The organization, that trained Sofia, told Shawn how special they both are - he broke down in tears. His parents said it was the first time since her death that Shawn finally cried it out. After a very emotional 20 minutes of sobbing, he began to share stories about her – all the while smiling. I was told that the portrait has helped to heal Shawn’s heart.

I can paint all kinds of people images, but it must be from your own personal photo or a professional photo that you have written permission from the photographer.


For rates and size options, please visit the Other Portraits page. Rates apply to one subject/simple scene. For a more complicated image, please contact me directly.

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