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Tiffany Photo Shoot Photos


It was a pleasure getting to photograph the beautiful Tiffany (and you two of course...what a great looking family!);

  • Please go to the gallery below and click on the first photo. The image will open up for you to view and you then can scroll through the rest of your gallery using the arrows on the side;

  • Select the "image number" of the photos you wish to have e-mailed to you (the image number displays under the photo when opened e.g. "IMG_0000"). Most images have been sized to 5x7 (some vertical, some horizontal), but some at 8x10. Our logo watermark will be removed before the photo is emailed to you;

  • With your private shoot package, it comes with 4 digital images of your choice.

Like more than one image and can’t decide?


Digital images, in addition to the 4 you receive with your sitting, can be purchased online at an additional cost of $10 each.

If purchasing more than 5 additional photos, #6 and forward is $5 each.

Payment options for additional photos are via PayPal or Chase Quick Pay.

You'll be e-mailed instructions when you send the additional image numbers.

You may use your selected image(s) to print out photos, create holiday cards, post on social media,

use as your screensaver and more - anything you want for personal use (not for commercial use). 

I know that Tiffany has her Instagram account. We would greatly appreciate it if you post there that you photo credit our

Instagram @bycooperelliott

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