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Polar White Black Core Mat

Polar White Black Core Mat


All Acrylics & Oil Pastel Portraits come with a Polar White Black Core Mat.*


"Black Core" is a deep, solid black material, that when the Polar White Mat is bevel cut, adds a dramatic, sophisticated dimension to your custom art image. The beveled edge is a 45 degree cut which allows for approximately 1/16" of the mat core to be visible. The image to the left shows a single polar white mat, with beveled cut showing the black core.


This type of mat is the perfect companion for your watercolor digital art image as it displays a high-contrast that also gives the illusion of a double mat.


All of the black core mat boards used for watercolor digital art prints are 4-ply, which is approximately .052" - .060" thick.



* If it suits the look of the portrait better, sometimes a white mat with a cream core (in lieu of black core) can be substituted.



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