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Labrador Retriever, dog, art, acrylics
CKCS, Cavalier, dog, art, acrylics

Acrylics and Oil Pastel Portraits (AOPP)


Layers of acrylic paints and oil pastels come together to create a uniquely textured and soft-looking portrait that captures the essence of your pet from a photograph.


You simply need to supply a photograph and tell us a little about your pal. Knowing more about your pet helps to capture their personality when creating this special piece of art. Click here for tips on choosing the right photo.







Medium & Canvas
All AOPPs are created with quality acrylic paints and oil pastels. Acrylics are used to add to the texturizing techniques employed and oil pastels add in a softer look of oil paints, yet also contribute to the texture.
All AOPPs are painted on an unstretched traditional, museum quality, 100% archival cotton canvas with a natural white tone. Once the portrait is completed, it is sprayed with a fixative to protect the acrylics and oil pastels. While oil pastels do harden and dry, they never truly dry completely. It is best to have this work displayed framed and under glass.
Sizes, Rates* & Framing Option

Each custom acrylics and oil pastel portrait comes ready for framing with:



Want your custom print to arrive ready to hang?

Click here to check out custom framing options!



Custom Acrylics and Oil Pastel Portraits are available six (6) sizes to suit your art needs:


  Image Size (Mat Size)            Mat Only      With Frame


9"W X 12"H (11"W X 14"H)    .......  $235.00         $290.00


12"W X 12"H (14"W X 14"H)  .......  $285.00         $340.00               


11"W X 14"H (13"W X 16"H)  .......  $310.00         $365.00                


14"W X 18"H (16"W X 20"H)  .......  $480.00         $555.00


16"W X 16"W (18"W X 18"H) .......  $495.00         $570.00


18"W X 18"H (20"W X 20"H)  .......  $770.00         $875.00


18"W X 22"W (20"W X 24"H) .......   $807.00        $900.00



Note: Acrylics and Oil Pastel Portraits are not made smaller than

the 9x12 image size. If you are looking for a custom size not listed,

please contact for pricing.


*AOPP rates include one (1) pet per portrait. Each additional pet

in same image (from same photo or separate photo) is $75.00.


**There is an additional $15 charge for photos that are sent via

the mail that need to be scanned.

Ordering & Payment



To order your custom Acrylics & Oil Pastel Portrait  please follow the simple steps here.


(NOTE: By clicking on the "simple steps" link above, you will also reach the order form)




30% of the base cost of your custom AOPP is due before work begins. The base cost is the rate that is stated for the size of the print, framed or mat only (e.g. the framed 12"W X 12"H WDAP is $340; the 30% deposit would be $102.00.  This 30% deposit is non-refundable.  If you should cancel your order prior to completion, the deposit is to compensate for any materials and time spent on producing the piece. The balance*, shipping, handling and tax (if applicable) is due before your final piece is shipped. I will email a small thumbnail image of the finished image to be approved prior to having it framed and shipped.


You can submit your 30% of the base payment and the balance via PayPal, Chase Quick Pay, check**, money order or cash. If you are mailing your payment, please write to me here and I will send you the appropriate mailing address.


Check out more on payment options here.


*The balance includes any additional Image Gallery prints and/or merchandise in your original order form.


**If you are paying with a personal check, your order will not be shipped or delivered until the check has cleared.

Shipping & Sales Tax

Your custom Acrylics and Oil Pastel Portrait (framed or mat only) will be securely wrapped, packed and shipped via UPS ground anywhere in the continental United States.* 


There is a $10.00 handling fee plus shipping based on the shipment destination zip code. This is so I can give you the most accurate shipping rate instead of charging a single shipping fee based on the furthest distance. In most cases shipping rates for a framed piece are less than $25.00. Sales tax (10.25%) is applied to all orders in Illinois only.



Example:  1 Custom AOPP with frame and additional pet


Framed 12"W 12"H        $340.00 (base cost for this size AOPP framed)

+1 additional pet            $75.00 (additional fee for additional pet)

Handling fee                    $10.00 (handling fee)

Estimated shipping*

(zip code 15235)              $21.38 (estimate based on weight/size/shipping)

Estimated TOTAL             $446.38



*If you are outside of the continental United States and are interested in a custom piece, or another item, please write to me HERE to discuss.


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